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Iran Iran
Live at Tetris

Poster ✓

Poster made for the Iran Iran — a post-punk/indie band — concert at Tetris club. It basically consists in a sparkling fluo ‘carpet’ illustration that plays with the event’s live-performing band’s name, Iran Iran: it can be seen as a sort of mixture between persian ornaments + mandala lettering (refers to “Iran”) and eighties colors/dots and stripes + font in use (refers to the famous band “Duran Duran”). The main concept of the work can be described as a strange melting pot of persian culture and Duran Duran eighties iconography.
The concept and the graphic elements used in the working/creative process are explained as a ‘small presentation in chapters’ by scrolling down the page.


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Persian glyphs meet
Neville Brody typography

The lettering on the poster uses two different kind of ‘fonts’. The first one — the one used in the illustration for the word “Iran” — is a custom set of glyphs, shapes designed in a way to reconnect the viewer with the old Persian art of writing. The second one — used for the current text, the date and for the informations — is a font named Insignia, designed by great type designer Neville Brody in the late 80’s. This is a pretty symbolic font of the eighties ‘digitalized mood’ decade, even if still designed in a ‘crafty way’. These two different styles of letter forms live together in the poster, in the pure spirit of the design concept that, as said earlier, tries to represent a visual mixture between geometric, persian style and the eighties, flamboyant elements.


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Mandala illustration

The ‘mandala’ geometric illustration is a bold graphic element of the poster. It is often used as main decoration on persian carpets, so I decided to use it as a sort of centerpiece in the designing area. The mandala contains the persian lettering of the word “Iran” within.


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Eighties carpet

The ‘mandala’ illustration is placed onto an ‘eighties lookalike’ carpet, designed in a very stylized way with some simply black stripes representing its bristles and other elementary geometric shapes (white dots and white stripes + black and white star) representing the rug’s texture.


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The use of four fluo colors recalls the atmosphere of the eighties. Also the use of graphic elements like ‘bunch of dots’ and ‘set of stripes’ — used here in white, paper color — reconnects to the 80’s era.


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Logo on the label

A detail: the Tetris club logo is present in the poster. Such a small reminder, available on the carpet’s tag.


ales brce ales brce

Creative direction → Aleš Brce
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Year → 2012