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Nabrežina Brass Band
Nekaj po Domače…

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I made this jewelcase packaged CD layout for the Nabrežina Brass Band in occasion of the 115th anniversary of the band enstablishment. Nabrežina is a village near Trieste, situated on the Karst and looking at the sea. A colourful country, placed in the middle of the typical karsic nature, full of green, stones and the gulf down there. I started the whole work from these natural elements. I made some photos of the landscapes around Nabrežina, putting them later in Photoshop treating them in the way to obtain a huge saturated effect of the captures. Trying to made these images similar to the old seventies or sixties high colorated and full of saturation postcards where the countries seem powerful and imponent. Later I worked on some lettering. Precisely on two letterings who compose N letter (the first letter of the word Nabrežina). And how couldn’t I not use musical instruments to do this? Yes, so I did. The result is a mixture of colourful landcapes and bold letterings made with trumpets, clarinets, saxophones drums and so on. A visual effect who traces back to tradition and folklore but at the same time works out in a very experimental and endearing way.


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Creative direction → Aleš Brce
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Link → Nabrežina Brass Band’s website
Year → 2012