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Šola Sonca

Art direction ✓

Primary school ‘Lojzeta Kokoravca — Gorazda’ asked me to contribute on their submission at the ‘Bilder am Eis’ galance ― an exhibition showing huge posters on a suggestive location of an iced lake in Austria ― with an opera representing the sunny and positive atmosphere of their school, located in Zgonik (TS, Italy). The name chosen by the teachers was ‘School of the Sun’ (Šola Sonca in slovenian) and so they decided that the main structure of the work had to represent a ‘big sun’ and the typical hills of that zone plus a glimpse of the sea seen from the landscape.



I decided to work with very basic letterforms, as in use in primary schools, to compose a graphic title.


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Color palette

That chromatic selection arises from nature colors: green for landscape, blue for sky and sea, yellow for the huge sun.


ales brce


Same as for the lettering I decided to work with elementary forms (circles) to design the landscape.


ales brce


I inserted the letterforms into the illustrated area in the way to help the schoolboys to include their own artworks in the work. So, while preparing spaces with the schoolboys names I suggested them to prepare a their own drawing to collocate in the poster, melting these kids illustrations with the graphic design itself. It was important for me to make them strongly partecipate in the artwork creation, them to be fully involved in. This had to be their own poster after all… not mine. So I only prepared a graphic field in which they could describe their own school with some drawing.


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Kids drawings in it

Twenty two small illustrations, kids-alike-style for sure, inserted in the graphic design field. The below animations show all the schoolboys drawings and the location of any single sketch.


ales brceales brce

The final result

A joyful poster, made for kids. By kids.


ales brceales brce ales brce ales brce

At the exhibition

The poster exhibited on a unique open air gallery at the Weissensee in Austria. ‘Bilder am Eis‘ connects ice skating with art enjoyment in one of the most beautiful skiing areas in Carinthia.


ales brce

Creative direction → Aleš Brce, Lara Lupinc
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Year → 2011