ales brce

Border Bastard +
Wonder Noise
Live at Tetris

Poster ✓

Border Bastard and Wonder Noise are two bands from Trieste (Italy). The first one is a speed hard core ‘kick-ass’ trio, the second is a bunch of rockers obsessed with grunge sounds. The music of both bands, although stylistically different, consist of raucous guitar sound and grime vocal delivery. Their live shows are very noisy, the atmosphere is muddy. The poster for their ‘double feature’ concert at Tetris club wants to communicate these feelings of loudness and musical dirtiness through a particular visual concept, intentionally designed to be out of the standards of genre. Made in line with the ideological intention of destroying the ‘common hard rock decorative posters communication reign’, it wants to have a new approach and tries to look at it in a more complex way. The product is a sleek, swiss graphic design style inspired bright print that represents the concept of noise with the hugeness of the letterforms and the concept of dirt with just a close up photo of a rusty metal door. The poster wants to communicate in total absence of an informed interpretation, exploring different aspects and point of view at the rock and roll imaginary.


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Creative direction → Aleš Brce
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Year → 2012