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La Cura

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I was asked to make a graphic homage for ‘La Cura‘ (translated in english as ‘The Cure’), an italian song by songwriter and poet Franco Battiato. It is ― in fact ― a very intimate journey the author makes into the many facets of both love and fear, examinating human fellings and their numerous shades, exploring themes of protection and awareness. It’s a masterpiece that analyzes and emphasizes the caring of precious things. Yes, precious things: could they be love, or hope, or faith. Preciosity is ― in my opinion ― the main concept this songs trasmits and therefore I tried to interpret this concept graphically.



Dividing a square space into equal sections I created a grid system in which to place the graphic design.


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Key points

I rattled off by the lyrics of the song 12 verbs, as in my opinion the most representative for the meaning of the song, representing them in the graphic field as 12 points (arranged geometrically).


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By connecting the 12 points I created a form, a three-dimensional one. A form like the one of of a gem, of a precious stone. Something unique, special ― recalling here the text of the song andthe concept of preciousness explained before.


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I positioned the 12 verbs (or pieces of the text of the song containing them) in the vicinity of the 12 key points, creating a vortex of lettering that revolves around the edges of the precious gem.


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Color palette

I chose bright colors, shimmering, reflective.


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The gem

The coloured gemstone, precious and shiny.


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The final result

Here’s the illustration with all its elements together: the shape, the colors, the lettering. This is the graphic impact of the shape-gem, impressive but poetic.


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Lyrics with verbs of emphasis

To emphasize ― in the layout of the lyrics ― the exact location of the 12 verbs in the text I used 12 large circles, colored with the shades of the gemstone. I positioned the lyrics in four blocks, four stanzas, not symmetrical to each other and lopsided.


ales brce ales brce ales brce

The poster

Well, this poster is my homage to the preciosity of the song ‘La Cura’ by Franco Battiato.


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Creative direction → Aleš Brce
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Year → 2014