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BB 80

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Only a week after Sophia Lorens’ (see homage poster here), another great actress celebrates the eightieth birthday: Brigitte Bardot. So I decided to pay homage to the french movie star, singer and model with a print too. The A1 size poster, printed in only one copy, plays just with the amazing and mastodontic typeface Kane by Think Work Observe and with a black and white capture (author to me unknown, can credit if anyone knows the photographer). The blurb is ‘BB 80′, which is basically a simple visual game melting in a typographic way the actress likeable nickname ‘BB’ and her age, ’80’.
This is my greyscale gift to you, BB. Happy birthday!


ales brce
ales brceales brce

Creative direction → Aleš Brce
Art direction → Aleš Brce
Graphic design → Aleš Brce
Year → 2014